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Do I have to do any maintenance to my batteries?



  • Brian Tilley

    I left my batteries on my R set up and then tried to turn them on. They did nothing. I then plugged it into the wall and they blinked three red one white. I tried to press the button after reading this on the help and nothing. I left the charger plugged in for about three min then tried to remove them and tried to turn it on again with nothing.

  • Danielcjohnstone1

    My battery is at full charge. When I turn it on the light turns green to indicate full charge and then after about 12 seconds it blinks red about 13 times and then turns white for 12 seconds and then blinks red again 13 times and then turns white for 12 seconds and so on and so forth. If I do a quick click of the battery button it turns green for about 12 seconds before blinks red and turns white again. I cannot ride my board. I do not know what to do. Plugging in the charger and clicking the battery button doesn’t help. Please help.


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